We take pride in our work.

We are a proud establishment and we set the local benchmark for quality, taste and presentation of food. Our chefs show great passion and attention to detail in all of their work and want you to know about it. We give them the reins and trust their judgement on what produce is in season and how best to serve it. As a result of this, the food that comes out of our kitchen and to your table will be some of the best you have had. 




 Smoked haddock with SAUTE potatoes, wilted spinach, poached egg & mornay sauce


Lamb cutlets, fondant potato, tender stem broccoli & a red wine jus


Pan fried plaice fillet, Courgette Spaghetti, lemon & parsley

potatoes & a caper butter


Slow roast shin of beef with creamed potato, carrots & sauteed cabbage


halibut fillet with a tomato, bean & chorizo cassoulet & garlic green beans


Roast pork loin with sage & thyme stuffing wrapped in pancetta, duchess potato, Curly Kale & a cider jus



(Allergen information cannot be provided for the above dishes at this moment in time, however there will be detailed information on each dish when/if it features on our specials board in-house)


Allergen Information

Please click the link below to view the corresponding allergen information sheet that accompanies our menu. For example if a dish has (1,5,7) after its title, it means it will have Celery, Fish and Milk within it.



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